Why Mobile POS will win you customers

- By Richard Kolodynski, Senior Vice President European Operations at iVend Retail 

While it is widely recognised that retailers and brands need a laser focus on customer-centricity in-store, it is still not commonplace for customers to be approached by a store associate using a mobile point of sale (mPOS).


Traditional, fixed terminals continue to be the sole point of sale at many outlets, channeling all customers waiting to pay into one part of the store and generating shopper traffic hot spots and long queues. By delaying the implementation of mPOS, retailers and brands are missing a lucrative opportunity to engage in a one-on-one conversation with consumers, supporting their purchasing journey and opening up a channel for instant feedback on products or services. By providing an additional POS, which can take payments anywhere in the store, retailers can relieve some of the pressure from the fixed terminals and, in turn, reduce queue times.


This enhances the customer’s shopping experience by making payments convenient and providing a personalised interaction by taking the service to the customer, rather than the other way around. Retailers and brands must recognise today’s connected consumers expect a fast, convenient and seamless in-store journey – if these needs aren’t met, sales will be lost.


With better experiences and customer service, retailers and brands will soon find that their customer retention increases and loyal shoppers turn into brand advocates, promoting success and driving profit. 

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