Poundland underpins 99p Stores acquisition with in-store till system from Box Technologies

  • Posted by Talking Payments
  • September 12, 2016 2:49:59 PM BST
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Poundland has upgraded its electronic point of sale (EPoS) systems following the acquisition of 99p Stores with a solution from Box Technologies, the leading customer engagement technology provider.

With an ambitious roll-out plan, Poundland sought to convert 240 newly acquired 99p Stores across its store estate at a rate of 15 per week.  Over the rapid 16 week deployment period, Box Technologies supplied new till systems to the converted 99p Stores. 

The solution from Box Technologies migrated the legacy system over to Poundland’s existing EPoS platform, enabling the retailer to quickly gain full control and visibility over stock, as well as underpinning cash and management systems with solid and consistent operational processes.

Thanks to its expertise in the retail sector, Box Technologies’ team owned and managed the entire rollout, ensuring it was carried out efficiently and in line with the migration plan.

Matthew Sparks, Head of IT Services at Poundland, said: “This continues to be an exciting time for Poundland as we execute our store expansion plan – and integrating the 99p Stores’ systems in the converted outlets was a ‘mission critical’ project for us.   Having worked closely with Box Technologies previously, the team have consistently met our varying needs, often at short notice, from hardware to CCTV installation, engineering and project management, and this instance was no different.” 

Ahead of the Christmas peak trading period, Poundland will work with Box Technologies to upgrade an additional 500 till units across its UK store estate.  In addition, Box Technologies will also support Poundland’s continued expansion in Europe, with a dedicated focus on growing the presence of its wholly owned, single price point subsidiary, Dealz, in Spain.