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Contactless transactions surge amongst the grey pound

  • Posted by Talking Payments
  • August 25, 2016 10:53:09 AM BST
When it comes to contactless, its biggest group of UK users may surprise you – the over 60s.

According to the latest figures from Barclaycard, this generation has now overtaken the number of 18-25 year olds that own a contactless card.

Yet it hasn’t always been this way; there was a huge 114% increase in usage amongst consumers over 60 last year, the biggest growth of any an age group.

Tami Hargreaves, commercial director of digital consumer payments at Barclaycard, commented: “The £30 spending threshold has increased the popularity of contactless payments amongst both existing and new users, both of whom are now using it more frequently and for higher amounts.

“No longer is ‘touch and go’ reserved for the morning coffee or lunchtime sandwich, instead our data shows shoppers are taking advantage of paying quickly and easily for everyday goods and services such as a few drinks after work or a basket of groceries on their way home,” she added.