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Fieldworks is an award-winning PR and Content Marketing Agency, empowering technology companies to reach senior retail decision makers through dynamically targeted campaigns.


Fieldworks helps technology and services companies sell to retailers, across the globe. Our experience and contacts in this sector will give you privileged access to decision makers and refocus your marketing efforts on winning new business.

Since 1998, we have been consulted by retailers and brand owners, vendors, analysts, consultants, the media and venture capital companies. We have worked for many of the top global vendors, including Microsoft, Oracle, Cisco, IBM, Amazon, SAP, VeriFone, Toshiba, Experian and Epson.

Today, we are part of a multi-national community that embraces both traditional and new channels, in Europe, Asia and the US. Our influence enables us to support companies looking for growth in their chosen markets and to reduce risk by developing agile programmes based on market insight.

Through our retail business network, we are able to give our clients direct access to C-level retailers through the www.fieldworksconnections.co.ukcommunity, giving them real influence over the development and adoption of technology in the future.