Are retailers paying attention to their social customers?

  • It’s no secret that we live in a world populated by social media addicts. Tweeting, liking and scrolling through a stream of social content is part of daily activity for most consumers – and retailers are jumping in on the trend.

    92% of the UK’s top 50 retailers are now active on social channels – a statistic that was this week revealed by technology specialist SpinMe. And it’s no surprise really – tools such as Twitter and Facebook have made engaging with customers on a one-to-one basis not only possible, but really easy!

    But whilst retailers are certainly very active on social media, are they actually forming relationships with their customers on there? Most use the channels to encourage shoppers to head to their website, while others (88%) use it to share inspirational content such as recipes, fashion tips and videos.

    Yes, this is all great – but is it what the consumer really wants?

    What’s clear is that retailers might not be prioritising the right thing when logging on to social networks – to listen to the needs of their customer. If they did, they’d know that convenient payments is what tops the consumer wish list!

    MasterCard recently completed a social listening activity, and discovered that payments was the topic dominating retail conversations on social media. In fact, shoppers are regularly virtually voicing their desires for a quicker, easier way to pay for retail goods – some don’t even want to have to carry a wallet with them when they head to stores! Yet, are their posts being noticed by the retailers they’re discussing?

    Retailers are always talking about innovation; how to improve the customer experience, how to encourage more sales etc. Thanks to social media, retailers can now directly feed customer comments into their strategy, ensuring that frustrations at the till point are kept to a minimum. Through analysing social conversations, MasterCard has confirmed that payments are now at the ‘heart of the shopping experience’ – and it’s time that retailers realise that.