What’s putting shoppers off at the point of payment?

  • Retailers spend a lot of resources and effort on bringing customers in-store, but often overlook the means to commit shoppers to actually going through with payment and purchase. So what is putting shoppers off at this stage of the journey?

    Our recent research showed that a third of consumers are abandoning their purchases due to a lack of information. This is partially due to UK shoppers finding that in-store experiences can offer what online shopping cannot – a human exchange of information.  

    Surprisingly, the results weren’t much better for bricks-and-mortar experiences. 2 in 5 consumers admit to leaving and looking for an item elsewhere if their preferred retailer can’t provide the information they need, with almost half (43%) claiming that they’ve experienced the frustration of sales associates not being able to answer their queries.

    To add to this, 1 in 10 shoppers claim to get annoyed by staff not having the point of sale equipment to answer their questions on the spot, highlighting a disconnect between consumer needs and what retailers can currently offer.

    To overcome this and ensure that shoppers continue through to the final transaction, retailers need to implement digital technology that empower front-line staff. Our research revealed that 1 in 5 shoppers believe that staff should be provided with mobile devices to access further information on the shop floor, and the same amount would like standalone in-store tablet information points.

    This relationship between online and offline shopping should also continue into the user experience. As consumers no longer differentiate between channels when shopping, browsing or purchasing, retailers need to ensure that their brand experience is as seamless as possible - for example, by allowing them to search product information or check prices online while in-store.

    To enable this, retailers must have in place a robust WiFi network. With 3 in 10 consumers believing that the quickest way to answer queries is to look up the question on their own mobile device, the WiFi connection must be able to withstand peaks in traffic to deliver on shopper’s needs.

    Consumers have taken power into their own hands, and if retailers fail to meet their expectations then they’ll abandon their baskets before payment. By implementing WiFi offerings and in-store technology, retailers will ensure that consumers are not only entering the store, but following through with the purchase.


    - Paul Leybourne, Head of Sales at Vodat International.