Pubs pour more pints with iPads

  • When it comes to opening a restaurant a lot of thought goes into the menu, décor and atmosphere. Whether it be deciding what colour scheme to have, or how to design your menu, business owners want to have a consistent brand image and create a unique experience for their customers that differentiates them from competitors.


    One thing that some business owners don’t put much thought into is how they process transactions. Traditionally restaurants have relied on pen and paper, perhaps at times even memory when it comes to taking a customer’s order. However, the more forward-thinking are now using tablets, mobiles and iPads to not only take orders, but to finalise the whole purchase. And it’s not just restaurants that have moved with the times - business-savvy pubs are also taking a technological step.


    I’ve seen a real change in how pubs are serving customers in a way that is actually increasing customer spend.  Spending time in a beer garden, for example, can be so pleasant that it can feel like a hassle to customers to go back to the bar for a second round of drinks once they’ve found the perfect spot. Pubs with beer gardens often lose custom because people can’t be bothered to come back inside, potentially lose their seats, to wait at a crowded bar.


    Offering patrons the access to a waiter with an iPad has increased some pubs turnover by 20% according to our clients, and has also improved customer service at the bar too.  Any additional costs associated with having enough staff to leave the bar and service customers have proved a worthy return on investment. 


    The impact of a mobile POS on customer spend for any hospitality or retail business is now taken as a given, and it’s only right that the pubs get to enjoy the same benefits.  Whether it’s a tavern with old world charm, a noisy music venue or a friendly local with a famous quiz night, success and failure balances on the drinks sold. If we can help bring the purchase point to the punter then everyone’s happy.


    -       Jerome Laredo, Vice President EMEA and Asia, Lightspeed POS